Dear seeker of possibilities,

What if I told you there was more to life than that heavy feeling you are used to waking up with every day? You know, that concern, sadness, regret or anger… What if that could finally go away? What if the only thing you knew to choose every time you woke up was JOY? 

I know, I know…it might sound impossible, but trust me, it is not!

I get you, I was there 12 years ago. I stopped having that lightness in my world. I was in a place where I no longer knew… ME. And with the amazing tools of Access Consciousness, I got to change it. Which means you can too! Would you like to go on that journey?

About Sylvia

Sylvia Puentes is a leading lady in magic and life changing work with Access Consciousness. International speaker and facilitator empowering people to rediscover their gifts and joy in living.

Currently works with the global Access Consciousness team as the Americas Regional Coordinator and El Lugar Resort Communications Coordinator.

She facilitates classes and private sessions on consciousness, business, being you and having your voice in the world with curiosity, kindness, and her unique sense of joy-filled possibilities…

Sylvia has developed a range of unique and inspiring workshops and programs, including the Academic & Parent Coaching Program which has assisted youth, parents and teachers in finding alternative methods to inspire and rediscover the joy of learning.













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