– Is Choice Fair?-

What if being unapologetically you and choosing what works is inspiring and not wrong?

When you are living your life, are you always worried that you cannot be too much or too authentic or too you, because it might press someone’s buttons and create an enemy, or worse – they might actually copy whatever you are doing?

Are you trying to be mild, plain old Jane/Joe so there’s never competition in your world? Never being the best you can be because...(insert justification for not choosing more of you).


Come explore what "No Competition" can be with Anthony Mattis, Brendon Watt and Sylvia Puentes in this 3 part-telecall.

Call#1: April 10th

3 pm Houston

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Call#2: April 17th 

10 am Houston

Your local time

Call #3: April 19th

2 pm Houston

Your local time


This class will be facilitated in ENGLISH

Translation to many languages



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