Access Consciousness

Are you ready to expand the level of choices and possibilities that are available to you?

The tools of Access Consciousness focus on your knowledge about yourself and the world around you. It is essential in Access that nobody except you personally can know what truly works for you.

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Access Bars

Feeling stressed, tired, anxious, or worried? Have you ever found yourself reacting to the smallest of things?

There is a peace and relaxation possible that can occur with total ease with this simple process for bodies.

The Foundation

The Foundation is a four day class that breaks the foundation of what you think your reality is – so you can create the reality that works for you!

The class will give you practical and pragmatic tools to build your life and your future from a different foundation — where everything and everyone is included, and nothing and no one is judged.

Body Processes

Are you and your body asking for more or something different? What if your body was one of the greatest tools for consciousness and change; for it, for you, and for the world?

Is it possible to heal by changing a point of view? We have seen changes in bodies previously thought impossible by combining the Access Hands-On Body Processes with the Access Consciousness Verbal Processing.

Energetic Facelift

What would it be like if you no longer had to be susceptible to other people’s points of view about living, aging and your body?

The Access Facelift™, a dynamic and gentle hands-on body process, is a wonderful way to rejuvenate and reverse the appearance of aging on the face and creates similar effects throughout the body.

Right Voice for You

Whether you are looking to have the competitive edge in business, hone your craft on the stage, get your business into the world or have more ease in front of others, this class will allow you to master the energetics of being with a room… and fast!

Right Voice For You is a workshop like no other, inviting participants to let go of their past stories and definitions of themselves, and to show up in public (and on stage) in a dynamic, present, and powerful new way.

Being You Adventures

What if you could wake up every day with a wild enthusiasm for being alive? Are you always asking for more and looking for that “something” we all know is possible? What if that “something” is YOU? What if you, truly being you, are all it takes to change everything – your life, everyone around you and the world?

Classes based on Dr Dain Heer’s book, Being You, Changing the World and facilitated by his personally trained certified facilitators.

What is the 9 Trannies?

How many capacities have you hidden and put away so dynamically, that you can’t find them?

Most people will allow these to show up in an emergency.

The 9 trannies are not about transvestites…They are the ways in which you can change anything. And in order to have access to them, you have to be willing to BE the totality of you.

Getting Out Of Debt

Are you ready to change your entire reality around money? What point of view do you have around money that if you changed it, would create a different reality for you?

Sylvia facilitates classes on the brilliant book written by Simone Milasas – Getting Out of Debt Joyfully – which invites people to change their money situation and start to create their lives in a completely different way!

Business Done Different

What if you know more about business than what you have been willing to acknowledge? What if you never gave in and you never gave up and you were always creating?

This class is not like any other business class you will attend. It’s different. It will empower you to know what you know about business, money and creation. What do you know?

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