Special Private Sessions with Sylvia Puentes


Special 30 minutes sessions can be online via Zoom.

These sessions will be available in this price by Dec, 31st 2023.

Purchase and schedule your appointment until then.

Have too much fun!


If you have been wondering “How does it get any better than this?” with any current issue in your world, have you considered booking a private session for a change?

Ask yourself, “Is now the time”? If you feel a sense of lightness or smile for some unknown reason, the answer is yes!

Sylvia Puentes is a leading lady in magic and life-changing work with Access Consciousness. She is an international speaker and facilitator who empowers people to rediscover their gifts and joy in living. A business and life coach, Sylvia has developed a range of unique and inspiring workshops and programs, including the Academic & Parent Coaching Program which has assisted youth, parents, and teachers in finding alternative methods to inspire and rediscover the joy of learning.


30 minutes


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