Right Riches For You



April 25th, 2024

6h30pm to 9h30pm Houston – local time


Please make sure you are registered in Access Consciousness Website.

No pre requisites

Payment Options

You will find different payment options below. If you choose to use one of these options, please make sure to send payment confirmation to info@sylviapuentes.com

Paypal.me 1. Click on “Send money”

2. Add the e-mail: sylvia.liveinjoy@gmail.com

3. Add class price in USD

4. Add note: Right Riches

5. Click on “Pay”

ZELLE: Name: Sylvia Puentes 

 E-mail: sylvia.liveinjoy@gmail.com

 Phone: +1 (707) 477-9949

WISE  E-mail: sylvia.liveinjoy@gmail.com

 Phone: +1 (707) 477-9949




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